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    You have a Voice Blaster...


    You were born with a Voice Blaster.


    If you haven't been using your Voice Blaster every day

    then you have been listening to a lot of voices in your head that are not yours.


    The voices come from external authority figures, like society, religions, politicians, parents, and corporations.


    Thinking you should obey these voices or believe these voices has been confusing you.


    They are just litter in your head. They are fishhooks trying to get your attention so they can get your energy. They are little vampires trying to suck away your life force.


    Some voices praise you: "You are the best!" they say. "You are so smart! So beautiful! You are faster than the others, better than them!"


    Some voices blame you: "You are not good enough! You'll never make it. You are so stupid... a failure... a loser! You are too slow. You are not pretty enough. Nobody likes you anyway."


    The voices all have one thing in common. They are bullshit. They did not come from you. They came from someone else. They are not your voice.


    Adulthood is when you have your own voice in the present. Your own voice comes out your mouth.


    Some people rehearse what they are going to say before they say it so they don't make a mistake. This is also a bullshit voice in your head.


    Adulthood is almost silent in your head. Any voice in your is head is suspicious.


    Have you ever tried to argue with the voices in your head?


    Did you ever win?


    The only thing that happens when you argue with the voices in your head is...

    you get older.


    The only conversation to have with a voice in your head is: BLAM!!!




    No one can shoot the voices in your head for you.


    More interestingly...


    No one can stop you from shooting the voices in your head.


    Shall we begin?